5.4 Website & Cobrowse - March 31, 2022

Web Screen Share General Availability

With this release, Glance has made enhancements to our Web Screen Share feature, and it is now generally available. This feature allows agents to escalate from a Cobrowse session to showing their screen, without downloading any software. More information on this feature is available here.

Password Policy Changes

We've enhanced our Password Management Policy to maintain compliance with ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2. If you have any questions, Contact Glance. As an administrator, you can unlock any locked out users by following the instructions here.

Cobrowse Visitor API Enhancements

The cobrowse UI adds event listeners to GLANCE.Cobrowse.Visitor, so that the interface can update according to what is happening during the session.

Most of the time, after navigating to a new page during cobrowse, the cobrowse UI initializes before the cobrowse session continues. Sometimes the cobrowse code may connect and start uploading to the session before the UI has added its event listeners. To support this use case, we have added a new method, GLANCE.Cobrowse.Loader.setUIReady(). If you are using a custom UI, you will need to add the call to this method. See this page for more information.

Presence Visitor ID Improvements

Glance has added the ability to specify the visitor ID for presence after page load, and change the visitor ID after presence is instantiated, for situations where the Visitor ID may not be known at the time the page is loaded. See this page for more information.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

  • Video Enhancements including improvements to background blurring.
  • Accessibility improvements to conform to the WCAG 2.1 AA standard.
  • Other fixes and improvements.

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