5.2 Website & Cobrowse - November 18, 2021

Dynamic Masking

With this release, Glance has added a Cobrowse "hook" function to allow customers to customize page and element masking during a cobrowse session. Among other things, this provides the ability to mask certain content or the entire page based on the role of the agent(s) in the session. Additional information on this feature is available here.

Glance has added a feature to Document Sharing, which allows administrators the ability to add links to approved files that agents can share during the session. The administrator can add links to PDF, Excel, and XLS documents. During the session, the agent can select files to share from the pre-approved list. We have also added reporting to log when documents are shared and downloaded.

Visitor Background Blurring

In addition to agent background effects, administrators can now add the ability for visitors to blur their backgrounds. If enabled, visitors can toggle the blur on and off during the session.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Added support for Cobrowsing embedded links in PDFs.
  • Changed the END button on the agent viewer to a red X.
  • Fixed an issue that caused XML Reports not to generate properly when some unicode characters were used.
  • Fixed scrolling issues with cobrowse, including one that caused the visitor page not to scroll when an agent attempts to scroll the contents of an iframe.

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