4.8 Glance Client – September 11, 2019


With this release, Glance is retiring the Panorama brand. The client is now simply called Glance, and supports all the same functions as Panorama. The 2.x Glance Client will be retired at the end of 2019. We recommend you download the latest client here.

Key Improvements from 2.x

Screen share quality: Your screen will appear sharper and clearer to guests, and they will see updates more quickly.

Gesturing: You can allow a session guest to point to things on your screen with their mouse.

Compatibility: Sessions will run more efficiently on the latest versions of Windows and macOS.

Redesigned interface: The user experience has been redesigned with a modern look to get you into sessions quicker.

Upgrades and Improvements

  • Refreshed the sound effects for starting and ending sessions.
  • Improved support for ultra HD displays on Windows.
  • Reconnecting prompts on macOS will fade away after a few seconds.
  • Updated the Zoom toggle button while viewing a desktop on macOS.

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