4.8 Website – September 11, 2019

Improvements and Fixes

  • Redesigned the client download page to offer the new Glance Client, GlanceGuest, and optional extensions for Chrome and Firefox. The extensions facilitate using Glance from web apps like Salesforce.

  • Editing Users: Fixed a performance issue for some customers where in-line user editing could be difficult at times due to the overall number of users. Now, instead of editing in-line, the Administrator is taken to a new Edit screen which makes updating users fast and efficient.

  • Editing Users: When editing a user in Card view, the fields are now labeled externally to the field for an improved experience.

  • Updated the Password Requirements instructions to be more clear.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Single Sign-on Password Reset setting not to stick.

  • Moved the Glance CDN from AWS to glance.net.

  • Set GlanceGuest Mac 4.8 as the default for sessions with customers on macOS. They will upgrade automatically.

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