4.7 Website – June 28, 2019

Agent Screen Share Toolbar

When enabled, agents will see a toolbar at the top of their viewing window. This toolbar includes an information panel with customer device details, a zoom button, and a settings section. If your agents have permission to use Agent Video, a button is available to turn Agent Video on/off.

If enabled, this toolbar appears for agents joining screen share sessions started by customers from desktop and mobile devices. It is not used in hosted sessions to Show your screen or View a customer’s screen. To enable the toolbar for your agents, please contact Glance.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added the ability for admins to export Cobrowse masked elements as a CSV file for both staging and production environments.
  • Fixed an issue in the Portal tab with add/update users where uploading a CSV file with blank lines would halt the upload. Blank lines are now ignored.

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