4.7.1 Mobile SDK – July 24, 2019

Enhanced Agent Video in Mobile

Agent Video for Mobile sessions is now available to agents using Google Chrome on desktop devices, no native client required. This delivers significantly improved picture quality and framerate while consuming less bandwidth. It’s also available to agents using ChromeOS.

Default UI

Our SDK now includes a default user interface for most typical uses, making it easier and quicker to set up and start Glancing. It includes sample prompts for customers to explain the Glance experience before a session begins. You can customize these panes to fit your branding and experience.

Support for iOS ReplayKit

In the iOS SDK, we’ve added the option to capture the screen with Apple’s ReplayKit framework, which improves your app’s overall performance during a session. App users will be prompted to allow your app to capture their screen before a session starts.

Improvements and Fixes

Added support to start sessions with keys after initiating Presence for 1-Click Connect.

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