4.6 Cobrowse – May 23, 2019

Optimized Asset Management

Cobrowse Asset Management from the 4.4 release has been made more efficient, allowing agents to more quickly load their initial view of what customers see. Instead of sending fonts, CSS styling and image assets from the visitor to the agent in every session, Cobrowse can temporarily cache assets to use for other sessions, improving overall performance.

You control which types of resource files are eligible to be cached. If your agents need to view assets with personal information, such as images, the service can be configured to never cache images.

Cached assets are regularly refreshed to ensure the agents see exactly what customers see, and unused assets are removed.

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Added support to Enhanced Agent Video to specify a single default camera in Chrome settings.
  • Improved support for embedding the Cobrowse viewer inside an iframe.
  • Worked around a Safari problem where some pages wouldn’t tell Cobrowse that page assets were available, halting the session.
  • Enhanced scroll synchronization to account for website visitors switching between pages in a single-page application.
  • Added support to Cobrowse Asset Management for blob CSS.
  • Fixed an issue that made dropdown menus on some pages look transparent.

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