4.5 Mobile SDK – April 1, 2019

NEW FEATURE: 1-Click Connect on Mobile

Our Mobile SDK now supports Presence, which enables agents to proactively offer Glance sessions to your app users with one click, no session key required. If the customer is also present on your web site, they will see a session offer wherever they were most recently. When a customer is on the phone with your agent, the Glance SDK can send a local push notification to help bring your customer back to your app and accept a session. No more button hunting.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Improved stability in Android for sessions running when a visitor switches apps.
  • Improved stability for sessions running in iOS over a tunneled connection.
  • Adjusted order of operations on iOS to ensure that the visitor’s keyboard is masked before a screen share starts.
  • Fixed an issue in Android that could cause Agent Video to disappear.
  • Added support for vector drawable cursor on Android.

4.5.1 Update – April 26, 2019

  • Support for 1-Click Connect from Salesforce.
  • Improved stability for Presence timing and prompts.
  • iOS-specific fixes for windowing.

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