4.5.1 Cobrowse – April 19, 2019

BETA: Enhanced Agent Video in Google Chrome

Agent Video is now available to agents using Google Chrome, no native client required. It also delivers significantly improved picture quality and framerate while consuming less bandwidth. Just like before, Agent Video works for website visitors using all major browsers with no setup or configuration required. Agents using ChromeOS may use this feature. This feature is in beta, so we appreciate feedback.

Scrollable Elements

When Cobrowsing with customers on pages with individual iframes, divs, or other scrollable elements, agents can now remotely scroll through those for the customer.

Presence Instances for 1-Click Connect

Glance now runs multiple instances of Presence to improve scalability. These are created and configured by Glance.

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Added functions to accommodate JavaScript libraries from Sarissa, hui.js, VWO and Salesforce.
  • Improvements to Remote Control mode to better synchronize agent cursor position on the customer side.
  • Optimizations to improve compatibility on IE 11.
  • Improved masking to support canvas elements and dynamically added
  • Added measure to prevent showTerms prompts from appearing when a session is running.
  • Improvements to gesturing to avoid accidental tiny boxes and stuck cursors.
  • Added support for a second agent in a session to follow the scroll position if the first agent scrolls the visitor’s page.
  • Other compatibility and performance enhancements.

To upgrade your version of Cobrowse, contact Glance.

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