4.4 Website – February 15, 2019

New Feature: Renovated Session Join Pages

When you invite guests to your Screen Share sessions, they go to Join Pages that guide them to connect to your session. We have rebuilt these pages with several major improvements:

  • View with Sharper Image Quality: When hosting your session with the Panorama client, your guests will see your screen with enhanced image quality and lower latency. For more information, see our release notes for our Webviewer.
  • Easier Experience: When hosting sessions to view a guest’s screen, your guest will enter our redesigned flow to get the Glance client and join the session. We have rebuilt the experience from the ground-up for every browser to make sure that your guests connect as quickly as possible without getting stuck or confused.
  • Restyled: We’ve streamlined the look of the Join Pages for simplicity and consistency with our branding.
  • Rebrandable: You are able to customize your group’s Join pages with your logo, font and color. You can even set a redirect page for guests to go to when your sessions end. For more on how it works, check out this guide. These pages will be activated for all customers in the near future. Before then, you can customize these pages and test them out by starting a session and going to these addresses:



Security Upgrades

  • Various remediation steps from burp scans, static analysis and penetration tests.
  • Set restrictions to limit Partner API operations to https only.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Adjusted the Chrome Extension offer to session guests so they don’t need to download Glance again if they join another session later. The Chrome Extension only allows Glance.net to communicate with the Glance client and does not collect personal information.
  • Added limits to the Default Glance Address field in the Portal’s New Account page to enforce character limits on a Group’s Default Glance Address suffix.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed admins to provision a user with a space in their Glance address.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Firefox users on macOS from connecting to View Desktop sessions.
  • Fixed an issue that caused various Portal functions to fail because of multiple contact records for individual users.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented deleting users in the Portal if they were in multiple groups.
  • Numerous tweaks and adjustments to scale better after learning from stress tests.
  • Other minor adjustments and improvements.

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