4.4 Cobrowse – January 9, 2019

New Feature: Cobrowse Asset Management

When cobrowsing certain websites, sometimes agents couldn’t see exactly what customers see because of how the website stored stylesheets, fonts or images. We had a manual setup process to resolve this for each client’s website. Now, our cobrowse script will be able to capture, store and display those assets to agents automatically, so those manual steps won’t be needed anymore.

End of support for TLS 1.0

In order to meet current security standards, agents and visitors will no longer be able to connect to the Cobrowse service using TLS 1.0. This is a server side update which will soon impact even customers using pre-4.4.0 versions of cobrowse. Cobrowse will no longer be usable on Internet Explorer 10. For more information, see our TLS deprecation plan.

Improvements and Optimizations

  • Improved handling for canvas updates to avoid overlapping images when the new images have alpha channels.
  • Optimized handling for dynamic changes to inline CSS, significantly improving rendering elements like SlickGrid.
  • Optimizations to make updates to agent view quicker while viewing PDF’s in cobrowse.
  • Enhanced scrolling synchronization to account for page elements that load after a scroll position is sent to the agent.
  • Adjusted scrolling to better accommodate Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad on the agent side, and avoid jitteriness on the agent side.
  • Adjusted how inline styles are captured to handle cases where styles are used to cloak elements of a page.
  • Various performance improvements for large pages with many input elements to prevent the Cobrowse script from impacting the customer experience during a session.
  • Optimized Cobrowse script to better handle DOM diffs.
  • Optimized handling for capturing text entered into input fields to improve performance on pages with lots of inputs.
  • Other improvements for handling content in iframes.
  • Various security improvements.


  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent PDF’s opened by the customer from appearing for the agent.
  • Fixed an issue where text in a field deleted by the customer would still show to the agent.

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