4.19 Website – April 1, 2021

New User Interface for Agents

Glance designed the updated UI with usability in mind. The new UI makes it easier for Agents to end sessions and see key session information. If you are using Glance Agent Video, it also enables Agents to select which camera to use. Some customers may already be using the new UI. Information on the new UI is available here.

Import a CSS file from the Glance Admin Portal

This feature allows Glance administrators to accommodate additional custom CSS within the customer-facing cobrowse widget. A key application for this feature is uploading a CSS file to localize the cobrowse widget. Details about this feature can be found here.

Terms of Service Agreement

With this release, Glance has added a terms of service click-through agreement, which will allow brand new customers to agree to our terms and conditions from the Manage Your Account site. This agreement will only be displayed for new administrators, or new administrators of existing accounts.

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