4.18.2 Website – March 9, 2021

Internet Explorer 11 Deprecation for Agents

Glance has deprecated support for Internet Explorer 11 for Agents. If an Agent uses IE 11 and attempts to start a Glance session, they will receive a message that the browser is unsupported. More information about our Internet Explorer deprecation policy is available here. If you have any questions, Contact Glance.

Self-Hosting Package Tool

Glance has added a tool to help generate a single customized self-hosting package zip file, which includes:

  • The standard JavaScript, HTML, and CSS that is currently included in the self-hosting package.
  • Your group’s staging and production custom skin CSS file with your color and branding customizations.
  • Your group’s staging and production custom visitor text JSON files with customized widget text.

Details about using this tool are available here.

New Install Start Page

With this release, Glance has implemented a new Install Start Page, which installs the Glance Client (if necessary) and invokes it to start sessions. The new page uses new parameter standards, and any existing calls from the legacy start page will be redirected. The Login Key check page was also updated to reflect the latest start cases.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Glance has deprecated the support for ‘pool user’ sessions in the agent viewer.
  • Updated Cobrowse to provide the ability for the user to allow the camera once on glance.net, so that they do not experience any agent video failures.

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