4.14 Website – August 27, 2020

Agent-Side Accessibility

To better support agents with disabilities, Glance has added agent-side accessibility to Cobrowse. An agent can now navigate the Cobrowse header elements with keyboard gestures, by pressing tab to move between interface elements. The screen reader reads each element out loud as it is brought into focus. Pressing Enter opens drop-down menus, and pressing ESC allows them to close drop-down menus. This feature also includes focus states for header elements, even for agents who do not have accessibility turned on.

  • There is a new setting in My Account to provide access to this feature, called Enable Agent Accessibility.
  • The agent can turn on agent-side accessibility by clicking the Gear icon> Agent Accessibility slider on the agent viewer.
  • Additional aspects of this feature will be made available with the 4.14 Cobrowse release.

Partner User API Changes

With this release, Glance has replaced a parameter in our Update User API, to bring parity to how you update users in the My Account portal. In the Update User API, the parameter “UserActive” was changed to “UserSuspended”, and is optional. The acceptable values for “UserSuspended” are "1 | 0 | yes | no | true | false".

UserActive is deprecated in favor of UserSuspended. Please update your systems to use UserSuspended. UserActive will be removed in a future release. If both parameters are included, UserSuspended takes priority.

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