4.14 SDK – September 3, 2020

Mobile Video

We have generally released our Mobile Video solution, which provides the ability for agents and visitors to see each other, directly from the mobile application.

Agents can initiate mobile video sessions with visitors, to get to know them face-to-face, or help them troubleshoot physical devices. The visitor can also toggle between the front and back cameras, so agents see exactly what the visitors see.

Customers can use the following mobile OS versions to engage in Camera Sharing sessions:

  • iOS 10.0 and above
  • Android 5 and above

Support for iOS 14 & Android 11

This version of the SDK has been tested with iOS 14 and Android 11, and we now support these OS versions.

Twilio Upgrade

With this release, Glance has updated the Glance Voice Mobile SDKs to use the latest version of Twilio. If you use Glance Voice and update to this version of the SDK, you must update your Twilio SDKs to:

  • Twilio Version 5.4.0 for Android
  • Twilio Version 5.3.1 for iOS

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