4.10 Cobrowse – March 10, 2020

Cross-Domain Cobrowse

With this release, Glance has improved the cross-domain cobrowse feature to automatically send a cookie to all domains in anticipation of redirects to those domains.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added a delay to the border that displays around the agent’s screen when a cobrowse session starts. Previously, the border would display as soon as the customer started the cobrowse session, even if the agent had not connected yet. Now the border is delayed until the agent is actually viewing the screen.

  • Added masking for input elements inside Salesforce lightning components, so that you can hide text, radio buttons, drop-down menus, or checkboxes from the agent’s view. You can mask elements in Cobrowse Settings, or adding the glance_masked class to the element itself.

  • Cobrowse now uses smooth scrolling, so the visitor can more easily sense which direction an agent scrolls the page.

  • Fixed an issue in hoverables setup.

  • Handled scenarios where secured website resources cannot be automatically added to the Cobrowse resource cache.

  • Fixed an issue where non Unicode characters in the page cause the session to drop.

  • Added the ability to pass agent information such as agent name and title to the cobrowse visitor via the "agents" event. This is an optional feature, off by default, which can be enabled by Glance support.

  • Preparation for upcoming deprecation of TLS 1.1.

  • Fixed issues cobrowsing Salesforce Community sites with Lightning Components.

  • Fixed an issue where certain areas of a page might not be displayed to an agent when the visitor uses Firefox, for websites using certain libraries that employ custom elements such as hui.js.

  • Fixed an issue where in some cases, a full refresh of the contents of an iframe would be performed, causing a portion of a page to appear to "flash" on the agent side.

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