3.9 Salesforce Package - August 12, 2021


Conduct Glance Video Sessions from Salesforce

With this release, Salesforce users now have the ability to conduct Glance Video sessions from Salesforce. Glance Video humanizes digital interactions by providing the ability for agents to participate and lead a web-based, multi-participant video session with a primary cobrowse visitor. Administrators can customize the experience for agents, allowing them to start sessions in large or small video mode from presence. You can install the 3.9 Salesforce package here.

To learn more about enabling this product, contact Glance.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved session timeouts for Cobrowse and Mobile Camera Share sessions, so visitors have sufficient time to accept the request.

  • Improved the package to display an error to an agent when the viewer is blocked from opening.

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