Default UI with Glance Voice


Glance Voice requires a voice group ID and voiceApiKey provided by Glance. You must call the following to configure the default UI before a session is started with GlanceVisitor.startSession.

iOS Default Configuration

Objective C:

[GlanceVisitor defaultUI: YES delegate: nil termsUrl:nil
voiceGroupId: 1234 voiceApiKey: @apiKey voiceParameters: nil muted: NO];


GlanceVisitor.defaultUI(true, delegate: nil, termsUrl: nil,
voiceGroupId: 1234, voiceApiKey: "apiKey", voiceParameters: nil, muted: false)

Android Default Configuration


Visitor.defaultUI(true, null, "1234", "apiKey", null, false);


Visitor.defaultUI(true, null, "1234", "apiKey", null, false)

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