Enabling Voice

1. Install TwilioVoice framework

To be able to enable voice in Glance_iOS, install TwilioVoice framework.


Add TwilioVoice framework into your Podfile:

pod 'TwilioVoice'

Run pod_install in your terminal:

pod install


Download TwilioVoice from here.

Drag the xcframework to your XCode project and select Copy items if needed.

Make sure it was added to Frameworks and Libraries section in the General tab from your target Settings, don't forget to select the embed option Embed & Sign.

2. Enable microphone permission

Add Privacy - Microphone Usage Description to your Info.plist.

NOTE: You will need this before starting any video calls with your agent.

3. Enabling voice

Instead of the startVideoCall method used in 2-Way Video section, use the following:

GlanceVisitor.startVideoCall(GLANCE_SESSION_KEY, delegate: self, camera: "front", preferredSize: CGSize.init(width: 0, height: 0), framerate: 0, timeout: 0, termsUrl: "https://ww2.glance.net/" voiceGroupId: GLANCE_VOICE_GROUP_ID, voiceApiKey: GLANCE_VOICE_API_KEY, voiceParameters: nil, muted: false)
[GlanceVisitor startVideoCall:@"1234" delegate:self camera:@"front" preferredSize:CGSizeMake(0, 0) framerate:0 timeout:0 termsUrl:@"https://ww2.glance.net/" voiceGroupId:GLANCE_VOICE_GROUP_ID voiceApiKey:GLANCE_VOICE_API_KEY voiceParameters:nil muted:NO];

Glance Voice requires a voiceGroupId and voiceApiKey provided by Glance.

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