Glance Web Services APIs

This document describes various Glance Web Services APIs, which return information on your Glance sessions and participant details.

The APIs in general can be called via SOAP/XML or JSON requests. Calls may also be made via HTTPS POSTs, returning XML results. These APIs are implemented using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and may be consumed by any compatible software.

General Conventions

Convention Description
Partner ID / API Key
Most operations authenticate with a partnerId and apiKey. The partnerId is the same as your Glance group id. This is assigned by Glance. The API Key can be set or reset and viewed by an Administrator logged in to the Glance My Account area under Settings. You must store this value securely.
Operations that specify a particular Glance user will usually take a PartnerUserId. This is a value Glance can store for a user containing your unique user identifier for the user (any string of up to 255 characters). It is usually set by provisioning users with the Partner API (see Glance Partner API) or from a CSV file upload in the online Partner Portal.
Date values
Date values can be specified as UTC or local time in ISO 8601 format:

  • 2012-12-01T16:08:00Z UTC date and time
  • 2012-12-01T16:08:00-5:00 Time with offset from UTC
  • 2012-12-01T16:00:00 Unspecified timezone = US East Coast time (EST or EDT)
  • 2012-12-01 Time 00:00, midnight at the beginning of Dec 1, 2012, East Coast time

Date values are returned in UTC.

Glance for Salesforce Credentials

Some methods, with G4S in their names, are intended for use by Glance for Salesforce. These endpoints require the following data items for authentication:

  • groupId: The Group ID, just like the partnerId mentioned earlier in this document
  • adminName: The Glance Address or user name, like, of the user
  • adminCredentials: The Glance for Salesforce credentials generated for the user.

The Glance for Salesforce credentials is a 32-character string containing a hexadecimal number.

To get a credentials string for a particular username via a Glance API, use the /services/ProvisioningService.asmx?op=ValidateUser method, and specify the username and password of the user. The G4SF credential appears in the <credentials /> stanza of the result. Notice that the ValidateUser method generates a new credentials string for the user on each invocation.

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