ServiceNow Troubleshooting

Below are some common issues that may come up during setup and usage of Glance for ServiceNow.

The Glance Card is / is not visible for users

Make sure all users who need access to the Glance Card have a Glance user role. If you are using groups, make sure that they also have the needed roles attached to them.

Check that you have added the record/table to the Display Configurations list, as well as added the Glance Card to the form. Both steps need to be completed before the Glance Card will be visible.

Glance Card has been added to the form view, but sessions won't start

Check that your company information is correct in the Company Settings menu.

Make sure all users who need access to the application have the correct roles assigned to them. If you are using groups, make sure that they also have the needed roles attached to them.

Could not parse domain

If you see "could not parse domain from…" or ERR_DOMAINPARSE in the javascript console, then you may be accessing the website with a hostname from which Glance cannot parse a domain. Use a hostname like or or, or if you can't change the hostname, then set the cookiedomain as explained in the Cobrowse Getting Started guide. Local file:// urls and localhost:// won't work. You need to add an entry to your lmhosts file.

Additionally, if it only happens in IE and you are able to cobrowse through other browsers, check that the meta tag in the header referencing compatibility does not list IE10 or before:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge" />

To check this:

  1. Right click in the browser.
  2. Select View Source.
  3. In the top of the web page code, you will find a number of different meta tags, one will reference the http-equiv and the content compatibility settings.
  4. Visitor tries to start session and gets error "Unable to connect to Glance"
  5. Did it work before? If so, did you just add a new CSS Selector to mask some page elements? Delete it and try again. If the visitor can now start a session, the problem may be the syntax of the CSS Selector is not supported by Glance.

For example: #orderPayment\.cardNumber is a valid CSS selector. It includes the "" character to escape the "." period, since the period should not be in an ID name. But this masking selector will cause the "unable to connect" error.

Each time a visitor starts a session, the latest list of masking CSS Selectors are downloaded. Programmatically that "Start Cobrowse" process today is written in (old) ASP code, so it can share all of our existing load balancing and color selection logic. But ASP lacks built-in functions to generate JSON. The selectors are sent using JSON and JSON needs to escape CSS's escape character. So double escaping might work:


This is not recommended, as the problem should be fixed in the future. In the meantime, try a different selector without the period, such as one of these (less precise) selectors:



Cross Domain Error: Untrusted Origin

If you are setting up Cross Domain Cobrowse, you must remember to enter the primary domain in the Glance backend in addition to the secondary domain that the visitor may be navigating to. If you don't, you will see an error that says UNTRUSTED_ORIGIN like the one below:

Mixed Content Warnings in console

Console shows a message like:

This content should also be served over HTTPS.

This happens when the Cobrowse viewer is in a secure (HTTPS) iframe (e.g. Salesforce integration) and the visitor is on an insecure (HTTP) page. Please reach out to Glance to resolve this issue.

CSS/Styling is missing on the agent side

If the agent can join the session but the page format, fonts, or colors are not correct, then CSS files may be missing on the agent side. The agent side console will usually show an error in this case.

CSS may be missing because:

  • The visitor side website is behind a firewall which the agent cannot access. The agent needs access to the website for CSS and other resources.
  • The website will only serve CSS if there is a login cookie. Usually if the agent logs in to the visitor website before joining the Cobrowse session, the agent can access CSS and other resources.
  • The website does not have a valid cert (e.g. a test site) and the visitor is viewing an HTTPS page. The agent browser may not want to retrieve the CSS from a server with an invalid cert.

Blocked script execution

On the agent side it is normal to see "Blocked script execution" errors. The agent viewer sandboxes all third-party iframes because the agent side should never run javascript other than the Glance viewer scripts which apply updates that are sent by the visitor side.


If you have any questions or require further support, contact Glance

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