Glance Menu in ServiceNow

The following describes the Glance menu sections:


  • Sessions: holds the session information from each Glance session that has been completed on this instance of ServiceNow.
  • Sync events: shows the attempts from ServiceNow to update any unsynchronized sessions. These records are automatically created by the Scheduled sync job (hourly by default).


  • Company Settings: contains the API details and general Glance settings. Only the record marked default is used.
  • Display Configurations: contains the settings for each table that has the Glance integration.


NOTE: This job should not be executed more than once per hour. A business rule prevents the repeat interval from being less than an hour.

  • Formatters: these are the UI Formatters that can be added to forms to render the Glance launch UI in ServiceNow.
  • REST APIs: ServiceNow inbound REST APIs that support the integration.
  • REST Messages: ServiceNow outbound REST Messages for connecting to Glance APIs.
  • GlanceActivityService: used to synchronize session data.
  • GlanceSessionService: used to find the visitor/guest details when launching a new session.
  • Scheduled Sync: the scheduled job that periodically synchronizes the session data.


  • You can use system properties to control the application.

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