Enabling Mobile Camera Share Functionality

This page will guide you through enabling and configuring Mobile Camera Share functionality of the Glance Agent Component

NOTE: These steps assume the ITSM Incident table / application is available.

  1. Navigate to Glance > Company Settings.
  2. Locate and select an existing Display Configuration or create a new one using the list at the bottom of the form.
  3. On the Display Configuration form, check the Video checkbox to enable Mobile Camera Share functionality.
  4. Once checked, you will be presented with a few additional options:
  • Auto fill SMS Number: When loading the glance agent, will auto-fill the SMS number based on the “Field or Field Path” selected. Ex: For Incident “Caller > Mobile Phone”
  • Default SMS Video Camera: When launching SMS Video from the glance agent, choose which camera should be used by default. Once the video connection is established the visitor can change cameras if needed.

Starting Mobile Camera Share Sessions

  1. Go to a table where this feature is enabled, like Incident.
  2. Enter the phone number in the phone field, or the phone number may be pre-populated depending on configuration.
  3. Click Video to send the SMS invitation.
  4. The visitor receives a text message asking to show their camera.
  5. The visitor clicks the link in the text and accepts.
  6. The agent is now viewing the visitor’s mobile camera.

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