Installing Glance for ServiceNow

Application Dependencies

Below are the Glance for ServiceNow application dependencies:

  • Required Plugins - None
  • System Table Permissions Required
    • User (sys_user)

Below are the install configuration instructions for Glance for ServiceNow.

To install Glance:

  1. Once you have signed up for and/or purchased the connector, you will see the Glance application under the Applications menu in your ServiceNow instance.

  2. After the install is complete, you will now see the Glance menu on the left navigation bar. All functions and settings related to Glance are contained in this menu.

NOTE: All menu options related to Glance are considered admin functions and will only be visible to a user with the Glance Admin Role.

Glance Menu

The following describes the Glance menu sections:


  • Sessions: displays the session information from each Glance session that has been completed on this instance of ServiceNow.
  • Sync events: displays the attempts from ServiceNow to update any unsynchronized sessions. These records are automatically created by the Scheduled sync job (hourly by default).


  • Company Settings: contains the API details and general Glance settings. Only the record marked default is used.

  • Display Configurations: contains the settings for each table that has the Glance integration.


  • Formatters: these are the UI Formatters that can be added to forms to render the Glance launch UI in ServiceNow.
  • REST APIs: ServiceNow inbound REST APIs that support the integration.
  • REST Messages: ServiceNow outbound REST Messages for connecting to Glance APIs.
  • GlanceActivityService: used to synchronize session data.
  • GlanceSessionService: used to find the visitor/guest details when launching a new session.
  • Scheduled jobs: the scheduled job that periodically synchronizes the session data. Note: This job should not be executed more than once per hour. A business rule prevents the repeat interval from being less than an hour.


System properties that can be used to control the application.

  • Join Method: Choose if you want to join sessions using the installed client. The default is No, meaning you will join sessions in a browser.
  • Sync Event Cleanup Age: Configure how many days to keep Sync Events. Any older than this number of days will be removed daily. Default is 90.
  • Logging Verbosity: Choose the level of detail for system logging for the application. Setting debug will attach some logs to records (e.g. Sync Event logs will be attached to the Sync Event record). Default is info.
  • Session Result Count: Configure how many sessions should be returned and processed with each call to the Glance web API. Must be between 1 and 1000. Default is 100.
  • Attach Responses: Choose if you want to attach the response payload from integration requests (e.g. Sync Event response payloads will be attached to the Sync Event record). Default is No.

User Roles

There are two user roles included with the application:

  1. X_glne_conn.user: this role has access to the Glance Card on any table that it has been placed on.
  2. X_glne_conn.admin: this role has full access to all functionality.

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