Glance for ServiceNow

Glance for ServiceNow improves the efficiency and customer experience of every call or chat session via integrated cobrowsing, screen sharing, and agent video.

Glance for ServiceNow provides the ability for IT Service Management (ITSM) or intranet portal users to join or start Glance sessions directly from a ServiceNow form, so they can see exactly what the user sees. Session metadata about that session is synced back to the form automatically, so you can learn more about which incidents are better resolved using Glance.


  • Start cobrowse sessions directly from any ServiceNow form.
  • Sync session data to the form.
  • 1-click Presence: Enable a button that lights up when a customer is present on your website.
  • Join from the web or Glance Client.

Getting Started

  1. Find the Glance app in the ServiceNow store, and install it in your instance.
  2. Configure the ServiceNow form and add the Glance Card formatter.
  3. Start a cobrowse session.


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