The result of a successful single sign-on transaction (and indeed of any successful authentication to Glance) is a session cookie named GSSNID stored in the user's browser.

Service Target URLs

Glance furnishes Service Target URLs (STUs) for users to gain access to the Glance Cobrowse service and our website. The endpoints for these URLs use the session cookie to authorize the operation.

STUs require an identity provider identifier. This is the customer's numeric identifier at Glance. The examples below use a group id of EXAMPLE. Replace EXAMPLE with the value provided to you by Glance Customer Support (this is the Group ID).

Accessing any STU starts a service-provider-initiated sign-on transaction if no user session pre-exists.

To start an interactive session, the STU is this:

To obtain a Login Key for use by native client software, the STU is:

To join a Cobrowse session prompting for the session key, the STU is: To join a Cobrowse session, when the session key or visitor ID is known ahead of time, the STU is: or

In place of idpid=EXAMPLE, you may use idpname=EXAMPLE. When this is done, Glance's service uses a name rather than a number to look up the group. Replace EXAMPLE with your account's group name, provided by Glance Customer Support.

In place of idpid=EXAMPLE, you may use idptoken=TOKENVALUE. When this is done, Glance's service uses the value you place in the Unique Account Identifier field on the provisioning screen. Replace TOKENVALUE with the name you put into that field. This is suitable for such things as Salesforce Organization IDs and Azure tenant unique names.

In place of idpid=EXAMPLE it is also possible to provide When this is done, Glance's service uses the username provided to look up the customer's group. This option is convenient in cases where the group name is not known but the username is. Replace with the Glance username (also known as the Glance Address) of a user (any user) in the organization. If you are not sure what value to use, please contact Glance Customer Support.

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