Testing Your Cobrowse Setup

Glance provides an example website so you can test your Cobrowse setup. A simulated customer can visit: https://trial.glance.net/ and the simulated Customer Service Agent (CSA) can begin a Cobrowse session (mode 1) by following these steps:

  1. The customer clicks on the Start Cobrowse button in the footer of the company website:
  1. The Glance system pops up a 4 digit code on the customer's screen.
  2. The CSA asks the customer for the code.
  3. The CSA clicks on the Cobrowse button on the Dynamics 365 customer record page.
  4. The CSA enters the customer code.
  5. The Glance plugin launches a browser window which shows the customer's browser window. The CSA authenticates via SSO – OR – via logging in to a Glance account.
  6. The CSA guides the customer to a problem/question resolution.
  7. The CSA can use gesturing and pointing features of Cobrowse to guide the customer.

In Mode 2, you can use the example website's account page to see how a customer who is logged in and thus known – could be automatically associated with their Dynamics 365 record – enabling the automatic initiation of a Cobrowse session.

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