Installing and Configuring Glance for Dynamics 365

This section will show you how to set up Glance for Dynamics 365 so you can add customer visual engagement and cobrowsing to your customer service toolkit.

Glance's secure visual engagement platform requires no download and allows agents to visually collaborate online with customers instantly, on any device. To enable website pages for cobrowsing, your IT team needs to add a short Glance HTML tag to each page.

Installing and Configuring Glance for Dynamics 365

Glance for Dynamics 365 comes bundled with a free trial for the Glance cobrowsing service and your users are automatically provisioned. If your team is already using Glance, you can enter your account information to enable the service.

Install Glance for Dynamics 365

To install Glance for Dynamics 365:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 AppSource site.
  2. Search for Glance.
  3. Click on the get it now button.

Configure Glance Company Settings

After the install, follow these steps to configure Glance company settings:

  1. Log in or Refresh Dynamics.
  2. Find Glance for Dynamics on the main apps menu.
  3. Select Glance Company Settings.
  4. Click on Glance for Dynamics Configuration.

The following are the default settings:

NOTE: Glance for Dynamics 365 Users is used to associate a Dynamics 365 User with a Glance user (Glance Address). This is only needed when Single Sign-on is not used.

Configure Cobrowsing Mode

There are 2 modes for initiating a Cobrowse session:

  • Mode 1: The customer clicks the Cobrowse button and gets a 4-digit code. The customer gives the agent the code. (Typically, the agent asks for the code during the support phone call.) The agent clicks on the Glance Cobrowse button in Dynamics 365 and enters the code to join the Cobrowse session.
  • Mode 2: The agent has a case (or another record type) up in Dynamics 365 and the customer ID is linked to the case. The customer clicks the Cobrowse button and no key is required. The agent then clicks the Glance Cobrowse button in Dynamics 365 and the session is automatically launched.

NOTE: In order to enable Mode 2, the Dynamics 365 company admin must link the Glance Session Key to a customer-specific entity in Dynamics 365. This links the customer key to the Glance Cobrowse session. If this mapping is not specified, a manual key will always be requested when the agent joins a Cobrowse session.

Below is an example of a mode 2 Cobrowse screen inside of Microsoft Dynamics 365. For example purposes only, our test site has an account page – which carries a code of Global123.

In a real implementation, this code would be replaced with a unique user ID (which is available once the user has logged into the secure side of the company site). This unique user ID would allow the mapping of a site visitor to a Dynamics customer ID – enabling the agent to launch a secure Cobrowse session without the 4-digit code.

Glance Free Trial

A Glance for Dynamics 365 install can be set to use a Free Trial. Just Enable Free Trial on the Glance Company Settings. This will enable cobrowsing using a single Dynamics Trial Group.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Enabling SAML Single Sign-on (SSO) is recommended for free trials, this will automatically provision a new Glance trial user for each Dynamics 365 user and seamlessly sign-in this user when joining a Cobrowse session.

If SSO is not enabled the Cobrowse join process will use a single user account, you must use the password Glance365 to log in to this account. The account will be shared by all trial users from all prospects in any Dynamics 365 instance.

Glance Account Setup and Single Sign-on (SSO) for Existing Users

If you already have a Glance account and you are going to use SSO with Glance, find and save the Unique Name of the Dynamics 365 Instance.

To find and save the unique name of the MS Dynamics Instance:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Customization.
  3. Choose Customizations.
  4. Click on Developer Resources.
  5. Contact Glance to enable SSO and provide the unique name.

Glance Account Setup and SSO for First Time Users

If you are using SSO, as a first time user, you will need to authenticate to Glance and you will be prompted with a warning like this:

If you are not using SSO, you (as the agent) will be prompted to log in to Glance with your existing Glance username and password.

Add the Glance Cobrowse Button to Entities

To add the Glance Cobrowse button to entities as a Dynamics 365 Admin:

  1. Go to an entity (Case, Contact, etc.).

  2. Select the Form Editor.

  3. Go to the INSERT tab.

  4. Click on Web Resource.

  5. On Add Web Resource, under Web resource, search for Glance.

  6. Select **glance_/form/control.html**.

  7. On the Formatting tab:

  • Set Number of Rows to 3.
  • Scroll down and uncheck Display Border.
  1. The number of columns determines how the Resource lays out with other elements. You may want to change this later.
  2. Click OK.
  3. The Glance resource should get inserted somewhere, you can drag it around. A thin red line shows where it will be inserted. Tip: To go back and change the number of columns, click the HOME tab on the Form Editor and select Change Properties.
  4. Click Save and then click Publish.
  5. Reload the Dynamics 365 page. The Glance icon and the Cobrowse button will appear where it was placed.

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