SessionService Web Services API

The Glance Web Services APIs in general can be called via SOAP/XML or JSON requests. Calls may also be made via HTTPS POSTs, returning XML results.

The Glance SessionService Web Services API can be used to obtain information about sessions in progress.

When using the Glance Session Service WSDL, the wsdl:port soap:address location must be changed to


The LookupPartnerCobrowseSession web service determines if a Cobrowse session has been started by the visitor, and if so, returns information about the session.

If the session joinurl is found, the call returns a joinurl parameter where the agent can be directed to join the session without additional login information.


The call takes (and returns in the joinurl) these values:

Value Description
partnerid is the same as the cobrowse group ID.
partneruserid is any ID convenient for you. For example, an agent employee ID or a CRM login etc., that is assigned to the agent.
ssnkey is the cobrowse Session Key/visitor ID.
loginkey is a time-limited, typically single-use authentication, key for the user.

The partneruserid can be assigned by Glance, but will typically be supplied by you, if you provision users with the Glance Provisioning API. For more information on provisioning, contact Glance support.

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