Using Screen Share

The purpose of Glance Screen Share is to make it easy to quickly see or show anything on your screen during a conversation. If you are speaking with a person over the phone and you want to show your screen or see theirs, it only takes a few steps to get there. Once you are familiar with Glance, you should be able to get connected within 30 seconds.

Start a Session

When you are on the phone with your guest and want to start a session, follow these steps:

  1. Click the G icon in the corner of your screen next to your clock.

  2. Click on one of the Start Session options:

  • Show My Screen: If you choose to show your screen, a border will be drawn around your screen to indicate that it is being shared. Your guests will not need to download any software to view your screen.

  • View Guest's Screen: If you choose to view a guest's screen, you will be prompted to choose whether you want the session to start with remote control enabled or not. Once you start a session, the Session Info box will appear with directions to tell your guests how to join. It also tells you how much time is remaining for your first guest to join and how many guests are connected to your session. It looks like this:

Your Glance session times out if your first guest doesn't join within ten minutes. This is to make sure you never accidentally leave Glance on while waiting for a guest to join. When you are in a session, you can find your session key by hovering your mouse over the G icon.

Invite Guests

Over the phone, invite guests by following the directions under Tell each guest on the Session Infobox.

Alternatively, you can use the buttons found above these directions to send session details to your guests including:

  • The orange envelope button, which will open your default email client and draft a message with a link to join your session.

  • The purple copy button, which will copy session details to your clipboard for you to paste into any other communication service.

  • The Facebook and Twitter buttons, which will share your session details on their respective service.

Once your guests go to your Glance page, it should look something like this:

To connect, your guests simply enter the Session Key and click Join Session. If the session is to view their screen, they will be prompted to download the Glance software.

Have Guests Join via Your Website

You can also add a Glance box to your website so that guests can join directly from there. It only takes two lines of HTML to add.

Clicking the Can you Glance? link takes your guests to a web page that checks their computer for Glance compatibility.

Join a Session Through Glance

Guests can join directly if they already have Glance installed. All they have to do is:

  1. Click the G icon.
  2. Click Join Session. A window will open.
  3. Enter the host's Glance address and session key.
  4. Click Join Session.

During a Session

During your session, you have options that you can access by clicking on the G icon.


Show allows you to choose which monitor you want to use during the session. On a Mac, this option can be found under Settings.

Hide My Screen

This option allows you to hide your screen while keeping your guests connected to your session. The border will disappear to indicate that sharing is suspended and your guests will see a message saying "Screen not being shown."

To show your screen again:

  1. Click the G icon.
  2. Choose Show my screen.

Allow Remote Control

Turning the remote control option on will allow viewers to remotely control the screen. When a guest has control, a red dot appears over their cursor.

The screen is being shown has priority control. When they move their mouse or type on their keyboard, viewers are prevented from taking control. When the showing person stops, guests can take control again.

To turn off remote control:

  1. Click the G icon.
  2. Click Stop Remote Control.

If you do not want your Glance users to be able to use remote control, you can disable it in your group settings on

NOTE: When remote control is active, viewers have full access to your computer. Do not leave your computer unattended while in a Glance session with remote control active.

Session Info

This brings you back to the Session Info box if you dismissed it when the session started.

Ending Session

Click end session when you are finished.


This opens up the Glance Settings, which is covered below.

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