Compatibility FAQ

Which versions of PCs, Macs and browsers work with Glance Screen Share?

You can host Glance Screen Share sessions from any Microsoft Windows (Window8/Windows7/Vista/XP) PC or Apple Mac (Mac OS X 10.4.11 "Snow Leopard" or newer). Only the session's host needs Glance Screen Share. Download it here.

Guests instantly join your Glance Screen Share sessions from any Windows, Mac or Linux computer -- or any mobile device -- without installing any software (to view), using Chrome 16+, Firefox 11+, Internet Explorer 8+, Safari 5+ or Opera. Learn more about guests connecting to Glance Screen Share.

If you have additional questions, check out Glance Screen Share system and Performance Requirements.

How do I connect to my guest's mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, etc.)?

Guests may join and view your session from any device. To view your session, guests will only need a web browser and internet access.

Does Glance Screen Share work with Parallels, Boot Camp or VMWare Fusion?

Yes, Glance Screen Share works with Parallels, Boot Camp, and VMWare Fusion.

Coherence Mode in Parallels

If you are running Glance Screen Share from within the Windows environment in Coherence mode (which runs Windows applications on the Mac desktop), some special Mac functions (like zooming windows) may not work. Try running Glance from the Mac side to use and show Mac functions alongside Windows functions.

Do I need to download anything?

Session hosts do need to download Glance Screen Share.

If you are hosting a Glance session, download and install Glance Screen Share on your computer. The software is free.

Co-presenters need to download Glance Screen Share

Your colleagues can also present. Learn more.

Before the session, co-presenters should visit and run the Glance Guest Setup program.

After joining the session, each co-presenter sees a "G" icon appear in his or her system tray.

To present: Click the "G" and choose "Show my screen". To stop presenting: Click "G > Hide Screen" or wait until another presenter clicks "G > Show my screen".

After the session ends, Glance automatically uninstalls itself unless your co-presenter chooses to keep it.

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