Customizing Glance Join Pages

When your customers or session guests use Glance for desktop viewing or sharing, they will go to a Join Page to connect them to a session. Out of the box these Join Pages will be styled to Glance's branding. As an admin in your group, you have the option to customize the Join Pages to match your company's branding.

When are Join Pages used?

  1. Customers or Guests joining Desktop Show sessions hosted by one of your Glance users.

  2. Customers joining Desktop View sessions hosted by one of your Glance users.

  3. Customers initiating Desktop Show sessions for one of your Glance users to join.

In the first two use cases, the Join Page asks for information from a Session Guest like a Session Key or a name, phone or email address, if required. After that, the Join Page will either connect the guest as a viewer or deliver the Glance client to show their screen.

In the third use case, the Join Page simply delivers the Glance client to your customer and starts a session to show their screen to an authenticated user in your Group.

For each use case, these pages have been designed to make the connection process as simple and as quick as possible.

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