Remote Control

If enabled for Cobrowse, Remote Control provides the ability for the agent to request control of the visitor’s browser interface during the session.

To enable the remote control button in the agent viewer, from Manage Your Account > Settings > While Cobrowsing with a customer, allow > Remote Control.

Using Remote Control

  1. As the agent, click the Remote Control icon in the agent viewer to request control.
  2. As the visitor, click Yes to accept.
  3. Now the agent can control the visitor's browser interface to help them navigate, select interface elements, or fill out form fields. When remote control is on, a green dot in the middle of the Remote Control icon is displayed, and the screen border turns red.
  4. To stop remote control, click the Remote Control icon again.


  • The agent can only remotely control the interface of the website tagged with Cobrowse.
  • The agent cannot control the visitor's desktop applications or other browsers during the session.
  • Gesturing is not available during remote control mode.

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