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Allowed Sites for Agents

Requires CB 5.3 or higher

Administrators also have the ability to configure approved websites that the agent is allowed to share. During the session, Glance scans the URL of the website being shown, and if the agent navigates to a non-approved page, the screen share stops.

NOTE: All URLs must begin with https://. Wildcard URLS /* are supported.


  • In Settings, under the setting Escalate to show, you must select Window and Restrict screen share to Allowed Sites.


  • Agents should only use Chrome and Windows OS.
  • Chrome should only be used in the default light theme.

    NOTE: This feature is not supported in browsers using 'dark mode' or 'themes'.

Best Practices

  • Verify Always show full URLs is turned off by right-clicking on the URL in the address bar.
  • Verify Show bookmarks bar is turned off by navigating to Settings > Appearance.
  • Do not expand the bookmarked website to full width.

Configuring Allowed Sites

As an administrator, from Account Managment > Settings > Manage your cobrowse settings, go to the Web Screen Share Allowed Sites section.

  1. To add an allowed site, enter the URL in the field and click Add URL.
  2. Add URLs to the Allowed List to specify pages an agent can navigate to during a session. All pages within a path will be allowed if an asterisk (*) is appended to a URL. For example, adding https://www.example.com/first/* enables the agent to navigate to all pages within the “first” subdirectory.

    NOTE: When you add content to this list, you automatically are disallowing all sites not included in the list.

  3. Click Save.
  4. You can test the links in Staging, and after testing, click Publish to Production.

Using Allowed Sites

  1. Once the agent and visitor are in a Cobrowse session, the agent can click the Screen Share button>Share…>Window. Note: if the agent selects tab or desktop the screen share session will end.
  2. If the Window contains a URL of an allowed site, the agent is allowed to share the content with the visitor.
  3. Click Stop Sharing to end the screen share session. The cobrowse session will continue.


  • If your group is configured with Allowed Sites, and you try to share content that is not on the allowed list, you will see the above error. There are two options for remediation:
    • Click Yes and share a different URL that is approved.
    • Click No and have an Admin add the URL to the Web Screen Share Allowed Sites section within Account Management after the session has ended.
  • If you see the above error when attempting to share content on the allowed list, it may be due to special characters in the URL (e.g., an underscore). If this error occurs repeatedly, adjust your display to a lower resolution and try again.

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