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Why Cobrowse?

Glance Cobrowse provides a collaborative experience that empowers organizations to resolve issues faster with fewer call-backs, reduce abandons, increase conversions, and deliver an innovative customer experience. Agents can instantly see what customers are looking at, show them relevant content, and guide them through a sales, support or service processes.

The benefits of using Glance Cobrowse are powerful:

  • Reduce abandons, increase conversions and improve the brand experience. When customers need assistance, there is no substitute for being able to see what they see and help them accomplish goals. With Glance Cobrowse, agents and customers are literally on the same page, dramatically reducing the frustration of online activities and increasing sales and issue resolution.
  • Enhance sales and support while reducing the cost per interaction. With Glance Cobrowse, companies can reduce time to resolution and eliminate problems that aggravate and alienate customers. Moreover, as issues are resolved, it becomes a natural progression to offer customers additional products and/or services that are personally applicable to them, improving opportunities for upsells and positively impacting the bottom line.
  • Glance Cobrowse simply works every time.
  • With Glance Cobrowse, there is little to no learning curve for agents or customers. Connections are instant. There are no downloads, apps, Flash, or Java required.
  • Moreover, it works for customers regardless of their device, whether they are using a computer, smartphone or tablet.