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Personal firewall, anti-virus or web accelerator issues

Most third-party Internet security programs are designed to prevent a new application on your computer from talking to the Internet. A security program will usually prompt you the first time you start a Glance session. Tell it to Always Allow Glance access to the Internet.

If you cannot start a session, make sure Glance (or Glance.exe) appears in your security software’s list of allowed programs. You might try momentarily disabling the security software to see if the problem goes away. Contact your IT specialist or call us if you need assistance configuring it.

Products that could interfere with Glance Screen Share sessions

Common products that could interfere with your session include:

  • Norton™ Internet Security
  • Norton™ Antivirus
  • ZoneAlarm® Internet Security Suite
  • Kasperski® Antivirus
  • AVG™ Anti-Virus
  • Google™ Web Accelerator