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Access the API Key

When you login to the Glance Manage your account area, you will find the API information on the lower right corner of the Settings tab.  You may view or create a new API key.


Log into the Glance (https://www.glance.net/Login.asp?username=) with your login:  moxieadmin1.glance.net  and password.

Click on the Settings Tab.  API key is in the bottom right corner.   In this example, the customer did not have an API key.   If you select “Change it

Partner API Key

Once you click on Change it, your view will change to the following:

You can either enter your own API key or Generate a Random Key. In this example, we click Generate Random Key.  A Random API key will appear and then you will need to Save Changes.

Once you Save the changes, you will notice the page will refresh and the API key show in the bottom right corner.